Morocco through my eyes, (Lilly)

Marina Bouregreg

We are in MOROCCO. It is so cool here, there is so much to learn and do. I’ve learnt so much about the culture and religion.

We are staying in the Marina opposite Rabat, the main town and capital of Morocco. The Souks are my favorite bit. Souks are markets that have everything from fruit and vegetables to traditional Moroccan wear.

I’ve made friends with two new girls, Amelia and Allie and what is cool is that we are all doing the same thing, crossing the Atlantic.

That night they came over for a sleep over. Amelia has a brother who is also 8 so, Seb went to his catamaran and stayed the night.



My observation is that many of the women here wear headscarves. Most often it is worn as a symbol of modesty and privacy, but as a tourist you can choose to wear it or not.


We stayed a night in Fes in a very nice Riad. The man who helped us to check in was so kind he even helped me translate the Arabic alphabet. So if you ever go to stay in Fes then here’s the place to go:

NAME: Riad Fes Aicha

TELEPHONE: +212 5 35 76 25 64



Something I noticed was that the ceilings are very high and decorative.


The blue gate is 1.6 km away from the hotel, and you have to go through the markets to get there so you will have a pretty good walk, but be careful, some people can be a bit forceful if they now you are a tourist.

The world’s oldest university is here, you can’t go in but you can go to the tannery- just make sure you have mint with you because the smell is horrible. They use limestone and pigeon poo to get the hair off the hides, it is enough to make you sick.

4 thoughts on “Morocco through my eyes, (Lilly)

  1. What a great account of your experiences Lilly, keep up the writing it’s very interesting hear and learn about the places you visit.
    Love Gill


  2. Hey guys, I’m Ronky….Morocco is nice place, careful with “sardines en lata”,I had tested and my tummy don’t good… Cheers family !!😘😘😘😘


  3. Hi Guys, We have just heard, from Bev and Charles, about this absolutely incredible adventure the four of you have embarked upon. Needles to say, this is very brave of you, but it goes without saying that you have a level of professional knowledge vastly greater than most adventurers who embark on a journey such as this. We are sending, and will continue to do so for as long as you are “on the high seas,” our very best wishes for a perpetually safe journey. It will be our very great pleasure to follow your journey as it progresses, and engage with you as best we can, wherever you may be. We have some boating experience, having owned a 36 foot yacht for many years, though only within landlocked Canadian waters, so we will be relishing in the nature of your experiences as you travel the world. Good fortunes to all of you, and lots of love from David and Fran.


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