Just the first day…

So the internet is pretty bad but I have to at least describe some of what we’ve been experiencing for the last week. Our first day was pretty mind- blowing.

As we hoped, a Sea Lion found her way onto the back of the boat and into our cockpit. She pushed past the fender we’d rigged up and Murray’s legs to find herself a spot onboard where she proceeded to get comfortable and fall asleep, after a little explore. She’s been returning all week, (we think it’s the same one) despite some competition for her new resting place by some somewhat larger, smellier and more aggressive versions. We’ve given her the incredibly original name of Sally, and the splash of her arrival heralds a rush on deck to say hello. We give her her space, she doesn’t come into the cockpit and we don’t touch or feed her. She just stays for the night and then she’s off in the morning. It really is quite amazing!

Sally and Mike discussing the boat rules!

Our first day saw us swim with Sea Lions, Turtles, we saw some big golden stingrays, a huge parrot fish, Blue footed Boobies, Pelicans, Orcas, Marine Iguanas, various finches, Sally Lightfoot Crabs, Lava lizards, lots of fish and Pencil Sea Urchins. That was just the first day!

A few days later we saw the Giant Tortoise and a GIANT TREE. I’ll try my best to get some pics included because they really do tell the story so far better than I can.

We are off to the island of Isabella this evening and look forward to some more spectacular wildlife!



2 thoughts on “Just the first day…

  1. OK, this is pretty amazing and not usually a part of a “sailing vacation” by any stretch of the imagination. We have noticed, however, that you are flitting around among the islands (quite happily we hope) and enjoying yourselves – maybe making some very important decisions along the way. The next part of your trip is going to be quite “incredible/frightening/amazing” and we are thinking that you will be weighing some heavy, long thought out, difficult decisions; preparations for a journey of that magnitude must not be easy, and we feel some of your trepidation. Please be safe, journey quickly, have great stabilizing winds at your backs and arrive at your next destination together as a strongly unites team of professional oceanic sailors. lots of love!


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