It seems I left things hanging. Got caught up in the moment you might say and forgot to actually fill in the space I left people watching at the end of last post.


Done, dusted, hasta la vista!

We’ve added a D to the end of SOL and she’s already off on her next adventure to Australia- Mottl-less, Mauritzio-less and possibly with somewhat less mayhem.

As strange coincidence would have it, we actually watched her sail away from Opua and the marina one morning after school drop off. Our new Monday morning ritual includes a cheeky coffee at the marina café. As we sat down at the bar stools that overlook the boats, with another couple that seem to have a similar routine, a mast appeared and there she was- heading out of the marina and off into the Bay.

I wasn’t sad and I certainly felt no regret. I was happy in the knowledge that I wasn’t on board. If I vomited any time soon it would be because I’d eaten something bad or picked up a stomach bug. I felt strangely comforted by that! Still, I must admit it felt a bit weird to watch our large slice of life sailing off with someone else.

Mike was quiet for a moment- I get that. He put such a huge amount of time, energy, love and frustration into the last two years. It certainly felt symbolic in a way- a definite sense of closure. It was a good moment to share together.

So there you go- buy a boat, use the boat, sell the boat- tick!

My last post was titled, ‘When it all pays off’ and, I can honestly say, it all paid off!

The time and attention, the fastidiousness, the slightly OCD behaviour that was synonymous with life aboard SOL and ok, the love, (at least from one of us) she received, meant that it was less than two weeks from when she was first advertised to having a signed contract in hand. We got our asking price with the slightest attempt to bargain and all parties were happy with the deal that went down.

We’ve been living on land for 11 weeks now. The kids have adapted to school incredibly well. They absolutely love it.

They are discovering new interests, new perspectives, fun activities and new friends. Seb is teaching himself the piano and has taught himself to ride the unicycle. Lilly participated in a netball competition after never having played before and won the school wearable art award. Their teachers speak so highly of them both and I am so incredibly proud of the people they are becoming. Despite the worry, despite the angst, the hair-pulling out home-school moments and our teaching, their transition, so far has been better than we could have ever hoped for.

Life in some ways is more complicated but right now, at least from my perspective, it’s preferable.

Mike was talking to a cruising friend the other day and I heard him saying “well, it’s back to reality”. Our friends response was, “ No, there’s boat life and land life, they’re both reality when you are living them” and it’s so true.

We walk the kids to school every day, I’m not sure how long that will last as we are shortly due to find a more permanent base, but right now, I treasure each and every step we take together. Even when we’ve asked the kids if they’re totally ready and at the last second, something is remembered, or forgotten or overlooked, but there was time to draw or play the piano or throw paper planes around the living room, even then, walking together is a pleasure and somewhat sacred.

So many lessons have been learnt along this journey. I truly believe there will be a carry over effect for years to come IF we can remain mindful of the insights we’ve been so very privileged to experience. There’s lots to address, lots to sort out, what jobs we’ll do, where exactly we’ll live, where the kids will go to high school etc etc, but it’s reassuring when you set out to do something, maybe slightly off piste, and actually do it, despite resistance and reservation. Surely everything else is a walk in the park…

In the wonderful words of Forrest Gumps mother, “Life is like a box o chocolates, you never know what yo gonna get”

It’s two years to the day since we left Valencia and began this journey. It seemed incredibly appropriate that this should be the last post at least as far as Slice is concerned.

The next adventure is just beginning… I’m sure there is more to share.

8 thoughts on “SOL…D!

  1. Oh I’m going to miss reading your blog Kylie. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure in life. I have really enjoyed hearing about it all….the challenges and the laughs. Makes you appreciate how lucky we are in life to experience so many amazing wonders.


  2. thanks for another fabulous blog Kylie. We love hearing everything you have been up to. I like that you are counting the time you’ve been in a house in weeks (like a newborn really)! I am not surprised in the least that Lil and Seb are doing so well in school – what great teaching and life lessons they have had for the past 2 years! Well done to you all.

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  3. Hi Kylie,

    Great so see the beginning of the next chapter in the lives of the Motle family. Pretty hard to top what’s already been achieved but doubtless the adventures will continue. So great to see you last week, all too short but hopefully we will meet again soon. New Zealand is a wonderful place and you look like you’ve made an amazing beginning and the children just slipped into their new ‘slice of life’ seamlessly! Congratulations on a fantastic job ‘reaching land’ safe, sound with endless memories and experiences to keep forever.

    Love to you all.

    Gill & Gary

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    1. Thank you Gill. Yes it really was wonderful to see you the other day, albeit for such a short time. Thank you for following us and taking the time to comment. Those comments have been like gold and treasured contact when contact with the outside world was so needed. Lots of love to you both- Kylie


  4. Please keep blogging. I have enjoyed immensely ( possibly not correct English ) your relating of your families adventures and your honesty about your own feelings about the incredible journey you have just undertaken. Obviously Mike is a bloody good sailor but don’t hide your light under a bushel. Over the two years of your blogging you have developed your own unique style of writing and in my opinion you have a talent which should be nurtured. It takes a competent and confident captain to bring his family safely across half the world but without you putting the story into words and sharing those words with your family and friends we would have not been aware of your family’s momentsous achievement.

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    1. Thank you Roger. I’m so glad you have enjoyed it. That really does make me so happy to read. I would like to continue and will keep the blog open for another year, as I do believe there will be so much more to tell. Everything is now a spinoff from the trip we undertook and it will be so interesting to see what paths we take from here. Much love to you all. K


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