and so it begins…

When you’ve planned to do an at least weekly account of a trip started in July and find yourself in early November, blogsite not even finished and no entries submitted, it’s a bit difficult and a bit daunting to know where to begin.

So why not right here- November 14th, 2016, almost five and a half months after moving aboard a 50 foot yacht and setting off into the sunset on what can only be described as the adventure of a lifetime.  Unique and unorthodox, blatantly irresponsible, brave and progressive or foolhardy and idealistic might be how our journey has been described by others (or not) but one thing is beyond doubt- it’s different. What we are doing, the way we are living, the challenges we are facing on a daily basis, are vastly different than what we’d be experiencing if we were living in a more conventional way.

Now I should just point out the fact that I’m ok with conventional- sort of. I’ve always quite liked fitting in wherever I was. Never too rebellious, rule abiding, always striving to do my best and realising that sometimes my expectations are set just a little too high- but I try and I like to give things a go. Which is what I’ve said I’ll do with this trip. I’ll try and I’m trying, but if ever there was a comfort zone well on it’s  edge, then it’s mine right now!

So who are WE- Well, we are a family of four. Two adults, both in our 40’s and two children aged 8 and 9.5 We’re Australian, but have been living in Spain for the last 11 years. Both our children were born in Spain, are bilingual and exceptionally well travelled, despite their young years.

This journey is the result of a huge amount of research and work initiated by my husband Mike. This is his dream. It’s not forever- in fact there is a very finite period attached to this journey. The idea has always been to buy a boat, use the boat, then sell the boat within a  2 year period.  We’re almost 6 months into that and as he keeps saying, this time will be over before we know it-

so for now, I can share our “Slice of Life”, the highs, the lows and a bit of what happens in between…

You’ve just got to play with what you’ve got!
Organising our courtesy flags
Amazing what I can find to amuse myself!
Reading demon!



4 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. lift your game Kylie …. sailing 6 months with 2 entries!!! you must be having far far too much fun. Sending you love and hugs. So glad to hear you are doing so well.


  2. Love what you are doing guys, and I know it will be daunting and on the edge, but if anyone can do it, that is YOU!! And us of course, but our kids are teenagers now, so not as portable as they used to be!! Hey, talking about great hair, Lily!!! Love you guys and will follow your posts eagerly, whenever they get there!!


  3. What a yacht something else, when are you coming to California? I must go for a sail. The kids look great, keep me informed.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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