Leaving Valencia

This post comes as we are almost leaving the Med, but I’m going back in time to share a little bit about our first week of living and sailing on the boat…

It’s a week since we left Valencia and I have to admit the life we had there seems like a distant memory… not our friends I might add, simply life as we knew it.

The last few months were a blur of selling, sorting, cardboard and packaging tape.

End of school activities and various social engagements broke the monotony of dealing with our “stuff” but heightened the stress of dealing (or not) with our “stuff”. Our home of 5 years, no longer felt like it was home and all of sudden we were casting off the docklines and saying ‘hasta luego’ to dear friends.

Surreal doesn’t begin to describe the sensation of the past week.

A different blur has taken over, an adjustment phase you might say.

I don’t have to be horizontal all the time, (seasick argh!!!) and have gradually been able to prep meals down below. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the kids get on each others nerves, (or ours) quite as much but by the same token they are playing with each other in an incredible fashion. Mixing necessity with innovation-games with pegs, hide and seek, lots of time up on the bow rolling with the boat and exploration of their new underwater world fills their day. Drawing, reading(to be fair this is Lilly’s focus right now) UNO and getting up later than normal all seems quite routine. We’ve managed to maintain Ice-cream Friday in Porto Cristo- Mallorca and enjoyed a film together. Our first destination after departing Valencia was Formentera which still remains one of the kids favourite swimming locations!

The ‘pet’ mosquito on board, despite my best efforts at avoiding them has long outstayed it’s welcome and requires immediate eviction- for the last 4 mornings in a row at 5am out it comes to feast on either Mike or I- so far it wins the hide and seek challenge…for now!

We’ve had a couple of fantastic catch ups with old friends- Mel, Cash, Colt, Anne and Bob- thank you for delivering our hats and for the wonderful day at your place in Cala Blava.

Jesper and Line- thank you for coming to see us in Porto Cristo and then for your incredible generosity and hospitality at your home- Line I found the tea! Thank you!!!

Our first week aboard has been quite the mix. Lets just say we are all adjusting to this new lifestyle. Next week we have some friends coming to join us for 7 days as we travel around Menorca.

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One thought on “Leaving Valencia

  1. Again, great to be able to follow your cool adventures via your blog! By the way, both Lily and you are great writers! Cant wait for next time you write! Miss you so much! XXXX


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