HO HO HO and then there were 5…

Where are we now?

You should be able to find exactly where we are by clicking on Where are we now? This will take you directly to our predict wind tracker site and show you how we’re getting on…(I hope!!)

One of my greatest fears, apart from crossing the Ocean Blue, homeschooling my kids,  Mike, myself or the kids falling ill or being badly injured during the duration of this journey or finding myself walking down the street wearing socks AND sandles, has been the kids losing their Spanish.

Early on in the voyage, they would speak to each other in Español as they were playing, singing songs and conversing quite freely if we came across other Spanish speakers.  Little by little their Spanish has begun to diminish as they play with other English speaking kids. They’re no longer comfortable ordering at a cafe or asking for la cuenta, (the bill).

One of Mikes greatest, lets call it a worry rather than a fear, is that the autopilot stops working and the two of us are left hand steering for possibly 2-3 weeks. It comes down to a question of safety. I guess we could do it but you have to really question the reasons why we are taking on this journey. Making ourselves ridiculously exhausted and potentially putting our kids and ourselves in danger due to poor decision making isn’t on the list. There’s still the issue of seasickness to contend with from my part.

Enter Juan. After our trip from Rabat to Las Palmas we started to seriously consider taking someone else with us across the Atlantic. There are posters all over the place in the marina from people looking for a ride across the Ocean Blue. Mike had taken a few photos of possible people and suggested we think about it. I wasn’t all that keen but one morning Juan walked up to our boat and asked if we were looking for crew. Timing is everything and to cut a long story short, we decided to add him to the crew list.


He’s a Spanish native, looking to improve his English but happy to only speak to the kids in Spanish! Bingo, and so continues their and my Spanish experience and Mike is happy to teach him English!

Our planned date of departure was today- ever ambitious, the fact that it was blowing like stink and the sea state was less than favorable has given us a little bit more time to get organised. We spent most of last week provisioning for our trip across, along with maintaining the Christmas Spirit and the boat has been upside down-stuff everywhere, both of us wishing we had a magic wand, a Tardis-like boat or far more storage than we have! As a result we didn’t end up exploring as much as we’d have liked however we did go for a drive and walk up a hill as we like to do. Pictures tell a great story so I’ll leave it there and let you see for yourselves.


We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. It’s been different this year for us, and I’ve missed my family and friends, however we have met some wonderful people and shared the festive season with like-minded people far more experienced at cruising than we are. Very valuable to gain their insights and perspective on things and the kids have played non stop with other children.

So from SOL, for now it’s time to head to bed as we are very likely setting off tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy the pics and hopefully next time you check the tracker we’ll have some miles under our belt!



5 thoughts on “HO HO HO and then there were 5…

  1. Strewth, looks amazing as ever, even a boat sinking off your stern. So wishing I was Juan, in a way, maybe another time… Though I have done a Pacific ocean passage, so Atlantic not quite so new an experience as it would be to help you through the Panama Canal… Keep me top of a list for that possible run, and I’ll bring the wife to do all the Spanish speaking bit! Massive wishes for a née safe, and fast, ride over. Big ol festive hugs from Oakwoods where we have all been cozy round the fire in Ma’s inner living room. Which is pretty much finished – so house a bit like a film set, behind seem of the doors lies little, but loads of work still to go…


  2. Wonderful experience hearing your trials and tribulations, as you move through this amazing adventure. We assume that you have arranged your original departure so that it will coincide with good weather for your big crossing, and that you will have companions going with you – a flotilla of sorts. Merry Christmas to all of you. We hope your current departure is uneventful (other than the magnitude of the trip in itself) and your journey across is a safe one. We will definitely be following your progress. Safe passage and Happy New Year.


  3. Wow- happy Christmas cuz. Will be following the trip xxx wishing you fine winds and a safe voyage from us and ….


  4. Kylie, love reading of your adventures on the seas!! You’re a very brave person but so inspirational to me! Love NAT 💜


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