Third time lucky…

Where are we now?

Just to let you know we are leaving Las Palmas today to start our Atlantic crossing. Click on the above link to find out where we are over the next 3 weeks, (OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!)

Not sure if you’ll hear from us until we’re on the other side, but one thing’s for sure, there will be some stories to tell.

Bye for now and thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Third time lucky…

  1. Good Fortunes, Good Luck, Good God you are really doing this!!!! We will be watching your progress. Keep safe and we hope the winds are always at your back.


  2. Dear Juanito and beautiful friends, you are great adventurers of life, with a spirit that touches the blue horizon. I wish you a great journey full of enlightened and colorful adventures. I’m looking forward ones you reach the other side to hearing from your stories. I will be thinking of all of you – Much Love, Diego


  3. Good luck and safe travels! Excited to hear the stories when you reach the other side of the crossing. Wish you good weather and lots of fun, I expect there’ll be plenty of saling duties to keep you occupied.
    Lots of love as you set off on the next leg of your exciting journey.
    Gill and Gary xx


  4. We are following our track and speed every day. We cant wait to hear how you managed everyday life for so long 🙂 on sea. Only one small week to get foot on ground and probably landsick for a change.


  5. Hi Mottls!
    Bienvenue à Martinique!
    I can see that you are arriving there this morning (Spanish time)! So you made it! I hope that you are all in tact – both physically and mentally! Looking forward to your next post.
    Love to you all from the Broughs


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