Panama Canal- tick!

Well the webcam was a bit of a fizzer but we’ve made it to the other side with only a bent stanchion and a bit of a scratch on the hull. We had the Canals’ BEST advisor with us and while it was a long day I have to admit I do feel like we’ve done something pretty cool! Photos to follow.


2 thoughts on “Panama Canal- tick!

  1. Wow, any time you are among that much traffic and very tight spaces, locking through to anywhere, you are bound to find a few little blemishes may happen. That is what sand paper and paint (and duct tape-LOL) are for. Very glad to see that you have made it – being moved up by 20 days is totally fantastic, until you really start to think about what is next!!! Sail safely, be “happy” and we totally love reading your blogs, in fact, you are developing a rather exquisite skill at doing that. There may very well be a book in your future, Girl!!! Do not dismiss that idea – you will have had a very large adventure to relate to everyone who is contemplating the same. Lots of love.


  2. Sensational that you’re through the canal Kylie. Tried to see the webcam and as you say not very successful. It still was enough to bring back memories of travelling through the Panama on a huge liner Chandris Lines Australis way back in 1967. I met Gary on that ship! Enjoying your great blogs what an experience.
    Gill & Gary


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